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Project Description
tuneMultiCheckBox is a dynamic checkbox set (on a form) to associate and disassociate records of related entities in a quick and convenient way.

You most likely are interested in this solution if

  • you would like to have a multi checkbox functionality (or many boolean/checkbox entity attributes) on a form and don't want to create a lot of dedicated checkbox entity fields for each an option
  • you have Many-To-Many relationships and would like to associate / disassociate related records in a quick, convenient and flexible way using a set of appropriate checkboxes on a form



  • It works for any custom Many-to-Many relationships
  • It works smoothly for both "Update" and "Create" record mode
  • The list of checkbox options can be customized flexibly using Fetch Xml (you can select specific records only (e.g. that meet certain criteria))
  • The list of checkbox options can be sorted flexibly using Fetch Xml
  • You can use several different templates to show the list of checkboxes
  • The template appearance of the checkbox set can be customized easily in HTML and CSS files (knockout template styles are used)
  • It works respectively when a record is in read-only mode
  • It works for both CRM 2011 (RU12 or newer is required) and 2013
  • It works for both On-Premise & CRM Online


ToDo Plan for the Next Versions

  • Add an ability of using some special "Native / Out-of-box" Many-to-Many relationships (e.g. Account/Contact/Lead <-> Marketing Lists)
  • Create an easy-to-use configuration wizard (now we keep and edit configuration settings in a special xml Web Resource file)
  • Consider adding an ability of using 1:N relationships

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